Indian Onyx & Lava Mala Beaded Jewelry Set

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This splendid handcrafted Mala beaded jewelry set is beautifully made with 108 natural Indian Onyx and Lava beads.

Lava has a deep bond to the earth that strengthens our connection to Mother Earth. It embodies effective grounding qualities that provide strength and courage during our most tumultuous times. Lava keeps us mentally stable while it guides us to a place of understanding enabling us to bounce back from any circumstance we have encountered. It assists us by dissipating anger and fostering positive change in areas where we need it most. Lava calms emotions and clears and purifies negative energy, relieving both mental and physical stress. It brings protection and confidence helping to shed unnecessary emotions and unhealthy attachments, and boosting inner strength to overcome personal challenges.
Onyx is a stone of inner strength, self-mastery and self-control. It enhances endurance and persistence, helping one to see dreary tasks through to the end. Onyx increases focus, memory retention and attention to detail, elevating the ability to learn challenging information. It helps one to control, focus and steer the will, increasing self-confidence and discipline. Onyx is useful for integrating dualities within one self and anchors the flighty into a more stable way of life and enhances self-control. It facilitates wise decision making and rational thinking. Onyx grounding influence cools hot tempers, calms nervousness, eases anxiety and eliminates fear.

Size: 8mm Onyx & Lava stones. Bracelet ~ 21 cm, Necklace ~104 cm (108 beads)