About Us

Welcome to Raise Your Vibe, Wellness and Spirituality shop. We are pleased to offer a safe haven to explore nature's most uplifting gifts to aide you on your path to wellness, joy and enlightenment. 

Everything in this universe, including you is made of matter and energy, all vibrating at different frequencies. Energy being a universal truth, can guide us to where people and words cannot. The pace and stresses of our current world has caused many of us to yearn for more connection with each other, to the earth and to our highest self. Our mission here at Raise Your Vibe is to provide the best quality healing tools that nature has to offer. We hope that you will utilize these powerful conduits of energy to accelerate your desire for health, success, abundance, love or anything else that you wish to manifest into your life. 

From all natural Crystals to Sage, Palo Santo, Singing Bowls, and more, WE trust that you will find the perfect products to help raise your vibration and manifest your dreams. We source the best natural and often handcrafted products from all around the world. Happy Shopping :)

To express our gratitude and love for this universe, a portion of our sales are donated directly to 3 charities that work to protect this beautiful planet (The Pollinator Partnership, The Nature Conservancy and the Amazon Watch). Thank you for your support with our small business and for keeping this planet safe and wholesome. Namaste


Meet the Owner: Stacey

Hi friends, my name is Stacey and I am the founder of Raise Your Vibe, Wellness and Spirituality Shop. I have worked as a Holistic minded Clinical Dietitian for 18 years and have 2 sweet little boys. Like most people, my life has been full of ebbs and flows, joys and sorrows. I went through a rather challenging time in my life a few years back that resulted in the "pain body"; including anxiety and several medical diagnoses. 

To start my journey to wellness, I tuned inward and connected with my highest self and from there, was guided to other healing modalities including meditation, yoga, acupuncture, reiki, crystal energy work, wholesome nutrition and vitamin N (nature), and lots of it! Not only did I raise my happiness factor and vibration to an all time high, I cured all of my health problems! (including the diagnoses that I was assured were incurable and would only get worse with time). I am sharing my story because I know some of you may be experiencing similar situations and may benefit from alternative solutions. I hope that our Shop will open your mind to new possibilities and help you on your journey to wellness and joy. Sending you all good vibes and lots of love!


* This information is not meant to replace any advice given to you by your Doctor